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Frequent Requests

"I would like transition entertainment to take our guests from our intimate wedding ceremony environment to our PARTY reception..."

Jessie's Girls is your answer – we have a frontline of gorgeous female dancers and singers that are show-stopping! Then, our Party Hosts interact with your guests and get them on their feet!

"We need a Party Host to ensure the evening flows..."

Jessie's Girls is your answer – we have TWO Party Hosts/DJs that keep the Party flowing with segments of entertainment of dancing, singing and spinning!

"We want a LIVE band..."

Jessie's Girls is your answer – include the four-piece band to accompany the talented female frontline and two Party Hosts to WOW your guests!

"We want to add sophistication to our event..."

Jessie's Girls has it all – add three-piece horns section to blow your guests away!














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